Sublime Sudachi



This elegant presentation featuring the floral artistry of Yoshimi Nakayama from Japan was a soothing respite during a fast-paced schedule. Mr. Nakayama led us through the basic principles of this type of design, which is rooted in Ikebana. The highlight was the set of four individual frames, each containing delicate floralscapes, which were rolled one in front of the other to create an image of stunningly captivating depth reminiscent of a Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass panel. He also deconstructed the pieces to show us how they could be reduced to their basic elements. I am fascinated by the clean simplicity of these concepts, and can't wait to learn more about this Asian style of design. Thanks to Mr. Nakamaya, I was challenged to reach for this level of elegance and excellence in my own craft. Coming up: An enclosed floralscape and whimsicaly creative sleeveless dress, next time on the Innovate Floral blog!