Inspired by the Material

The giant giant “copper” structure slept at the back of the flower room earlier, but for this engaging presentation, it was transformed into an enclosed floral cocoon big enough to sit in. The prima ballerina that took our breath away, however, was a whimscial yet meticulously constructed fashion piece: a sleeveless fairy costume complete with wire-fashioned wings! The bodice made from wide decorative flat wire tightly woven together tapered down into a full skirt of beautifully draped fuschia-pink dendrobium orchids overlayed with wire embellishments. Justing DeGonia, AIFD, CFD really impressed me with his stage presence and preparation – which I want to emulate in the future. Then there were the ethereal acrylic sculptures made by gently heating then shaping the plastic medium! Check out all the photos in our AIFD 2015 Gallery! The program was masterfully led and designed by Lisa Weddel AIFD, CFD, featuring the floral artistry of Justin DeGonia AIFD, CFD, Ken Senter AIFD, CFD and Brenda Veasman AIFD, CFD. I left with romantic storybook garden design idea butterflies fluttering in my mind. Find your seat near the runway for the next post on fabulous floral couture!