Captivating Floral Couture


Runway inspired music began and the Color presentation, featuring AIFD Design Influence Award Winner John Haines AIFD, CFD and Gretchen Sell. Underwritten through a grant from AIFD Platinum Elite Partner Design Master color tool, inc. already had us on the edge of our seats. This was going to be fantastic!

The floral designs were inspired by and perfectly paired with modern fashion styles, floral couture, if you will. The most creative pieces were a “mink” stole made from weeds. Yes, fluffy, pretty weeds. The fashion designer attached gorgeous yellow orchids and gloriosa lilies to it using magnets or water tubes inside pockets – brilliant! Then there was the stunning gloriosa lily print dress with the same flowers attached to it with magnets, and a dramatic yellow orchid cascade necklace worn down the back against a red dress- elegant glamour with creative flair. Yes, fashion and flowers together – ah, design bliss! What could possibly top that? Wedding wow that takes bouquets to a whole new level! You can't see them until post day, so reserve your ceremony seat early by looking for our next one on the gorgeous finale wedding presentation!